How To Register

Step 1

Build a Team of 3 People & Get Parental Permission

Build a team of 3-4 students from your school.  

Students can be in years 10-12.


Download a Student Permission Form HERE  
This will need to be signed by a parent/guardian and submitted with your registration.

Step 2

Find a Sponsor (or self fund)

The cost per team, including lunch and refreshments for both days, will be about $200. The liaising teacher will be advised regarding the cost in mid-February.  

Local Rotary clubs are happy to provide sponsorship for you to participate, however, self-funded teams are equally entitled to register.  Teams should register for MUNA.  The organisers will then facilitate sponsorship.

Many teams will reach out to the Rotary Club that sponsored their school in the previous year.  Teachers have been sent contact details for their most recent sponsoring club.  Alternatively,  teams are welcome to contact the Rotary club nearest to your school.  

All Rotary clubs in the District have been informed about MUNA and the likelihood that they will be approached schools seeking sponsorship.   If your team or supervising teacher makes contact with a local club, then please enter the name and contact details with your registration details.

Click Here to see a list of Rotary Clubs in our district.  

Step 3

Register Online

Teachers will typically register teams on behalf of their students.

Ensure that you have all the details for all team members so you can complete your registration.

Click here to Register.