Download & Read The Manual to aid preparation for Western Sydney MUNA 2019

Country selection and allocation:

To prepare, you should have already downloaded the 2019 Manual. This contains general information, the country list, resolutions debated last year, rules of debate, and judging criteria. 


The teacher supervising your team will be required to register your team. In doing so, the team will need to nominate 3 countries they would like to represent. The deadline for registration is Friday, May 3. Permission forms should be submitted at this time.


Teams will be notified by email  of the 2019 resolutions and which country they have been allocated about 6 weeks before the event (hopefully by May 8). 

 Countries will be allocated to teams across the following 'voting blocs'.  When you arrive at the venue, it will be important to know your fellow bloc members so you can form allies to help develop debating tactics.

Asian Group

African Group

Eastern European Group

Latin American and Caribbean States

Western European and others

Research Your Country, Form a Stance on Each Resolution, & Choose Your National Costume

Participants are encouraged to do as much research on your country as possible to improve their understanding of the country and its issues that relate to the 2019 resolutions.  

Use your research to form a stance on each resolution, and propose any amendments to 1-2 resolutions for open debate at MUNA.  Be prepared to argue your position on each resolution and any of your amendments so you can convince the assembly to vote in your favour.

Participants are also strongly encouraged to adopt their country’s national dress to add to their presentations.  There will be a separate award to the team with the most appropriate / interesting national dress.

Download 2018 Resolutions HERE.

Indicate Your Stance “For” or “Against” Each Resolution & Prepare Your Arguments

Teams should take every opportunity to impress the judges with their debating skills. This can be achieved by moving or seconding  

one or more of the Resolutions.



To give each team a fair opportunity, the organisers need to know team preferences before the event commences. When the Resolutions for debate and the programme are circulated in May, each team will receive a form for them to indicate their stance ("For" or "Against"  the Resolution), and provide their preferences for the opportunity to Move and/or Second each Resolution. It is important that you return this form promptly, as early responders are more likely to get the speaking opportunities they desire.