Registration Page

Step 1

Please complete the form below for EACH TEAM you wish to register for MUNA 2024.
Teams that submitted an Expression of Interest will be given priority.  Registrations close when the 35 team limit has been reached.  Applications after this will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if a team position becomes available.
Each team comprises Three (3) Student members, each of whom has equal speaking rights. The speaking roles may be rotated between team members for different resolutions at the discretion of the team.  Teams may be advised by a parent/teacher prior to MUNA, and during all recess periods, but not whilst the Assembly is in session.
No more than two (2) teams per school or Rotary Club will be accepted.  If your school gets less teams accepted than requested by a teacher, it is because the position was needed to ensure another school could send at least one team.
The Secretary General will allocate every team a different country.  An email will be sent to successfully registered teams to advise of their country allocation.
 Should you have any questions please email for assistance.
Please ensure that your team has confirmed payment from either your sponsoring Rotary Club, or your School Accounts Department (if self funded).

Step 2

Download Student Permission Form HERE

A Permission Form is required for each MUNA participant

Step 3

Permission Form completed by parent or guardian.

Step 4

Upload Completed Permission Forms Here