How To Register

Step 1

Build a Team of 3 People & Get Permission Forms Signed

Build a team of 3 students from your school.  

Students can be in years 10-12.

Download the Student Permission Forms HERE

Step 2

Find a Sponsor (or self fund)

The cost is $280 per team, including lunch and refreshments for both days.  Most teams get their local Rotary Club to sponsor, but teams/schools can fund themselves as well.

Teams should NOT seek to register for MUNA until payment arrangements have been made.  

Need help finding a Rotary Club to sponsor you?  

CLICK HERE to see a list of Rotary Clubs that you can ask to sponsor your team, or email us at

Self Funded Teams should contact for our BSB and Account Number to arrange payment.

Many teams will reach out to the Rotary Club that sponsored their school in the previous year.  Teachers have been sent contact details for their most recent sponsoring club.  Alternatively,  teams are welcome to contact the Rotary club nearest to their school using the link above.

All Rotary clubs in the District have been informed about MUNA and the likelihood that they will be approached schools seeking sponsorship.   The name and contact details of your sponsoring Rotary Club must be included with your registration details.


Step 3

Registrations for 2018 are now CLOSED.

It is recommended that teachers register teams on behalf of their students.

Ensure that you have all the details and signed permission forms for all 3 team members so you can complete your registration.