Your Team Will Be Allocated a Country

You will be notified of the 2018 resolutions and which country you have been allocated by about 6 weeks before the event (via email). 

 Countries will be allocated to teams across the following 'voting blocs'.  It will be important to know your fellow bloc members so you can form allies to help develop debating tactics.

Africa - 6 countries

Eastern Asia - 4 countries

Eastern Europe/Central Asia - 5 countries

Middle East - 4 countries

North America - 4 countries

Oceania - 2  countries

South America - 3  countries

South-Eastern Asia - 5 countries

Southern Asia - 5 countries

Western Europe - 6 countries







Download & Read The MUNA Participant Manual + Download the Student Permission Form

The Student Permission Form can be downloaded HERE  

Please ensure signed student permission forms are submitted for all team members before MUNA.  Permission forms can be submitted as scanned files or photos of the signed form using the "Select File" button on the right hand side of this page below the Speaking Preferences selection form. 

Research Your Country, Form a Stance on Each Resolution, & Choose Your National Costume

You are encouraged to do as much research on your country as possible to improve your understanding of the country and its issues that relate to the resolutions for debate.  

Use your research to form a stance on each resolution, and propose any amendments to 1-2 resolutions for open debate at MUNA.  Be prepared to argue your position on each resolution and any of your amendments so you can convince the assembly to vote in your favour.

You are also strongly encouraged to adopt their country’s national dress to add to their presentations.  There will be a separate award to the team with the most appropriate / interesting national dress.

Indicate Your Stance “For” or “Against” Each Resolution, Propose 1-2 Amendments to Resolutions, & Prepare Your Arguments